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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Whatever the EU does or doesn't do, it will always be its fault in the view of those uninformed Britons. From the perspective of an EU citizen who has lived in Britain, whilst it saddens me a lot to see the UK go and I feel sorry for all those Britons being steamrolled by the ignorance of their fellow citizens, I would really like the remaining EU governments to cut loose from UK politics and end this charade. I also would really like to extend the red carpet to an independent Scotland and fast-track their membership since its people and politics look like an oasis of peace compared to London.
Whilst I agree with the rest of your post, I can't agree on this, particularly as London, and many other UK cities, are hugely pro-EU. Liverpool, Manchester, York, Durham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, etc, all voted Remain by a considerable margin.

I honestly believe the tide of public perception has changed, and a lot of the change I've heard is over recent weeks. The PM announced a new investment program for a named number of hospitals. People have taken note if their local hospital wasn't on the last, particularly in my Leave voting home town. There's a feeling that they've been overlooked again by yet another Tory government.

I've said this before, but in my staunchly Labour home town, the EU Referendum was seen as a way of sticking two fingers up at Cameron. The heavier the current PM goes on Leave, the more my home town will do the exact opposite of what he wants because in their eyes, he's just the new fat cat Tory PM lording it over them. The actual EU is incidental.

A lot of people have finally woken up to "what the EU does for us". Again in my home town, the big story is about a 6yr old girl with a rare genetic condition. She's the only female in the UK with this condition and the only clinic that can treat her is in Poland, so the rush is on to raise £70k which is the subsidised cost of the treatment, and fly her to Poland in October, before the current Brexit deadline.
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