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Re: Natural vitamins for children

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My forming years were the war years where getting food on the table was a case of fitting the menu to the ration book. There was no money for any extras were they available. There were no bananas, oranges and such fruits.
I remember lots of rice, semolina, potatoes, stews and something I loved - when available - minced meat with mash. We had a fish and chip shop a few doors away, I'm not sure how fish was rationed but we often had it. So we had apples, pears, plums as fruit and tea and water to drink. As there was no money there was nothing to be had except the occasional sweets or bottle of pop. Tizer the pop was called.
After the war the government offered cod-liver oil and a lovely thickly concentrated orange juice for children and in the school we had 1/3 of a pint of milk per day and we HAD to drink it.
But we were always running around, life took place outside. I had a marvellous childhood. Nobody cared what clothes you had or didn't have, no-one had any money so if you wanted to go somewhere you had to walk - there and back.

Oddly enough I cannot recall any of the children in the school being unfit or in any way backwards or depressed. We all had PT three times a week in the playground, and every Wednesday we had a sports afternoon in a field played football and cricket, the girls had netball and rounders. We also went swimming once a week in cold water and cold showers. We didn't learn much but I'm still in touch with many of my school pals and we all did well in life and are still hanging about.

So now, at 81, and still kicking and never having taken vitamins I do know that it isn't what you eat that keeps you healthy - it's what you don't eat. The body doesn't need much but it belongs to nature and requires respect and exercise.
What a nice post, I enjoyed reading your story, Busby.

I can relate a bit, since I was born in the '80s and during my first years we couldn't find many things in the stores back home, during the communist regime....long queues, rations for sugar, things like that.

No bananas, no oranges, no Coca-Cola for us. I remember my mother was giving me and my brother some supplements - fish oil and calcium, but not for longer periods. We ate what was in season - apples, pears, plums, grapes, melons.. when it was their time. I didn't have any vitamin deficiency, nor my colleagues and friends as far as I remember. We ran all day long and were happy, active, normal kids. We didn't really feel those deprivations.

When I go back home now and look around, I'm surprised to see so many obese children. Although you can find absolutely everything in the stores now, for every budget....I don't know what they eat these days - a lot of things from McDonalds and kebabs probably. Or the parents just stuff them with food and "natural" supplements...
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