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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Besides that, the people voted for leave, they did not vote for a deal or no deal. All the basically told the politicians was "get us the f... out of the EU"
Deal or no deal, the outcome is the same which is that the UK leaves the EU which is what those voters wanted. What the terribly-organised referendum failed to include is a question on what type of relationship the UK should secure, should the voter opt for leave.

It is easy to guess why the referendum did not include this question. As history has proven, the politicians themselves had no clue of the full extent of the implications. That they've got to learn about the difference between a customs union and the single market, or about the WTO, after the referendum took place, speaks volumes for their self-interested motives.

Now that the harm is done, the best thing they could do was put to the voters the question again: do you want the UK to leave the EU (yes/no); if yes, what type of exit relationship would you seek (May's deal/no deal); what type of relationship should the UK secure? (single market/free-trade area/none)
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