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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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That isn’t actually correct. A small majority of the electorate (which is not the “people”) who bothered to vote chose to leave.

Voters were lied to, manipulated, and mislead - by both sides.
They were also being asked to do something they never had to do in the past - put party politics aside and make a strategic decision above the future of their country and they were ill equipped to do so.

If you compare it to Ireland, where voters are used to constitutional referenda and take for instance the recent abortion referendum. The first thing voters wanted to know was if we delegate these powers to parliament, then what’s the plan, how will you implement it, what are the rules, what are the safeguards etc... and because they were changing the laws of the land they wanted to hear legal opinions from the justices of the Supreme Court as to the legal draftsmanship of the paragraphs they were going to amend in the constitution - were there legal issues etc.

And of course they have a referendum commission who is responsible for ensuring that the voters are supplied with factual information. Nothing stops a politician from telling porkies as the thought that tomorrow’s headline won’t be about his brilliant speech, but the fact that the commission concluded he was telling a pack of lies!

You can’t expect people with no experience of this kind of thing to suddenly over night be endowed with the skills necessary to make the decision, it takes time to build up that kind of tradition.
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