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Re: Medical malpractice. What can I do?

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Hi everyone!

6 weeks ago I had a work accident (a mirror that wasn't fixed to the wall fell on my toe and broke it). I went to A&E and I had an Xray done, they told me I had a complex fracture and I had to have my toes buddy taped and wear a special shoe (Which I complained it was too small but the nurse said that it was my size). 4 weeks later I went back for a follow up appointment and a second xray. I was suffering severe pains, my toe had a purple/red tone and I told him that it seemed bent to one side. I told all this to the doctor and he said that there was nothing wrong and that he could see on the xray that it was healing properly, he also told me to stop buddy taping it and to stop wearing the special shoe.
They gave me a date for my final appointment (which was yesterday), and I had a different doctor, who opened the same xray the other doctor saw, and said that there's a clear dislocation on the bone, and that it's not healing in the right way and the pain should've gone a few weeks ago. He admitted that the other doctor was wrong and now I should go back to buddy tapping and to wear the special shoe (they gave me one of my right size this time, as they said the other one was too small). He also told me that the toe will seal crooked and I will live with a bent toe for the rest of my life.

I'm thinking about taking action against the hospital (or the doctor) for a life lasting injury and possibly filing for compensation.
Does anyone know the best way to go about this?

Thank you
Seems like you left a few bits out since you posted on the toe saga the last time! Rule one be consistent in your story, rule two make sure it is consistent with the medical bills you’ll be required to disclose other wise you are on a looser.
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