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Re: Medical malpractice. What can I do?

GreenS, you really need to understand how very different the legal situation is here.

Medical mistakes do happen here, but there is not a similar concept of malpractice here as you might have experience of elsewhere.

That does not mean the patient is completely without rights, however. In addition to the legal firm Mrs D linked, a possible starting point, likely less expensive at least for an initial inquiry, would be the SPO, the Swiss Patientenschutz Organisation, here:

They can answer general questions about patient's rights and if warranted refer you to outside experts to continue looking into your case. Be aware that there is a cost to their services, detailed here:

You could start by contacting them for advice. Be advised you need to be as clear, concise, and unemotional as possible in describing your situation.

A cautionary tale:

I know a few people who were incorrectly treated by doctors here. One egregious case might show you how very difficult it can be to pursue a claim here:

An incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary surgery incorrectly performed by a doctor not even qualified to do this surgery left a patient handicapped, in constant pain, unable to live a normal life. All the expert doctors she saw in trying to correct the mistakes made and treat her on-going pain agreed that the initial diagnosis was wrong, the surgery unnecessary and shockingly badly done.

She tried to pursue a claim with the hospital not for compensation but merely for an acknowledgement of the multiple errors... nothing. Nada. She finally gave up, as the effort to pursue this was sapping what little strength she had, her energy would be better used trying to find a way to live with her new reality.

(She is as Eidgenoss as they come, by the way, she knows her way around the system. And still pursuing a case proved to a Sisyphesian effort.)


So think long and hard about what you want to do, and most importantly about what a realistic goal would be. Make initial inquiries of the SPO, of the law firm Mrs D linked. But be aware of the cost to you of pursuing this, in both financial terms and in terms of your own efforts expended.


While I am grateful to live in a system that does not have the crazy liability laws (protection against which drive prices sky high) of my home country, while I unequivocally do not want to go in that direction, I would like to see some more accountability from medical professionals here. There needs to be some sort of check on bad treatment - I just don't know what a 'middle ground' might be.
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