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Re: Homeschooling is banned in CH...[not really, it depends on Canton]

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A survey of a mere 5000 adults almost 20 years ago? Right, conclusive evidence I'm sure.

In your objective and unbiased view... of course. As I said, if you are homeschooling your children then I genuinely feel sorry for them and the essential social interactions they are missing out on every day. You are actively and willingly stunting their development and causing a confusing aspect of your parent/offspring relationship to florush. No kid wants their parent as their teacher and to be with them literally all day every day. It is completely selfish on your part and you are replacing a world-class education system with trained and professional teachers with your own biased selections and viewpoints. Bad parenting at its finest, in my eyes.
10/20 years ago and this would have been, by and large, true.

Today homeschooling has become an industry of sorts. The more I hear about it, the more impressed I am. Social inclusion is a huge part of it with groups of kids taught and the teaching shared between parents depending on specialisms/training of parents. Science lab days are booked-in, as are history, cultural, geography field trips. Professionals are brought in to instruct kids in real life settings. UK kids are often homeschooled until exam years and enroll GCSE Year 11 or go straight to 6th Form.

Home schooling clubs are incredibly well-organised and work out very much like a small class setting which enables parents to have a bespoke education teaching to their child's strengths and confidence.

No doubt there are still parents who are bonkers and have ulterior motives for keeping kids isolated at home to their detriment and ruin.
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