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Re: Justin Trudeau-his favorite entertainment?

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I don't totally get all this....

I understand if you just dress up as a "black person" or do it in a way you make fun of them it would be racist. But I don't get how going to fancy dress, dressed as a famous black person or character is racist. In this case making your skin darker is just part of the costume as much as the clothing

For example, when I was about 19, me and my friends went to a party as the spice girls. The girl who went as Scary Spice darkened her skin, there was absolutely nothing racist about it, it was part of the costume. At the same time I went as Ginger Spice, I dyed my hair ginger.... does that therefore make me Gingerist???
I'm mostly of the same opinion but I think over time it has just been overtaken by the whole symbolism of it so anyone who wears make up to darken their skin, even if it's just to make a fancy dress outfit more convincing, is tarred with the same brush (pun not intended).

Probably the lines between being racially abusive and just doing it as part of a costume got blurred somewhere along the lines, enough people got upset about it and, boom, it is now taboo across the board.
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