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Re: Please suggest a photo and video editing software

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I love the adobe software like Lightroom, photoshop, After effects and Premiere. But it doesn't come cheap (tho it does come very cheap on piratebay..)
I don't mind paying a fair price, but that raises another question - what sort of budget should I have in mind? Can I get something very good for 200-250 Francs?

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video and photo are 2 different things, don't expect to to both in the same software. (I am not saying that there is no software doing both).

lightroom, rawtherapie, OM1, fastrawview, Faststone image viewer, gimp
I thought that might be the case. Ideally I'd like something that allows easy cropping and editing of photos, as well as something that does the same for videos. Then combine still shots and movies into a bigger movie with music added - that actually looks good and not like a hack job. If one program could do all of that, I'd be really happy. Movie Maker isn't awful, but it's not really amazing either. It's also not handling gopro very well. Even gopro's quik program keeps crashing.

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While it's a great idea to gather information and ideas here, I think this is the type of thing (as you're gonna go for top-notch = probably not cheap) to let Mr. Wishes in on this before you actually buy it, in order to REALLY make him happy in the end.
Yes, I suppose that's true. I thought it might be good to have some ideas first and then I could either buy it if I'm sure it's what he would like, or narrow the field down for him. We've got some expensive kit so it seems silly to use cheap software that constantly frustrates him.

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That may be down to your computer's performance.

However, some that may appear to stutter a bit during editing are fine at creating a flawless finished video.

There's a thread on editors here
Thanks for that, also why I asked about our computer and telly. Looks like your recommendation on that thread is only 40 Euros, which is more along my line of thinking even though I could spend more.

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