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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The massive mistake almost everyone makes on both sides is to imagine that Brexit is a finality.

It's the exact opposite.

It would merely be the beginning of a very long, complex, expensive and arduous process of the UK renegotiating hundreds of agreements of all kinds, including over 750 trade agreements, most of them with countries that are not in the EU.

While the EU27 members would continue uninterrupted trade with the other EU countries and also uninterrupted trade under FTAs with other countries outside it, from the position of force and influence that only a massive trading bloc of 450 million can provide, the UK will be starting again from scratch.

As a nation of only 66 million, it will of course be in an inferior bargaining position than it has been in the past 45 years, with an economy based on services for 80% of its GDP rather than on manufacturing, goods and agriculture.

Those are not arguments one way or the other. Those are simply the facts.

People have some waking up to do. A look at the true demographic and trading facts would be a place to start.

Brexit would be like the very beginning of a long car journey. Brexit ends with unlocking the car door.

It's afterwards that the engine will have to be started, the route mapped out, the wheels set in motion and the actual trip started with all its traffic problems and inevitable accidents along the way.

It will be expensive, complicated, long and difficult. No one denies this any longer. Not even the government.

So Brexit is not the end of a journey. It is not even the end of the beginning of a journey. It is just the beginning of the beginning.
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