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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Pray, tell me, if indeed this is the case, exactly which trough do they presume to stick their snout's in after the election ?
That is indeed another question. Furthermore, some Conservatives think the 50 is an under-estimate:

''Green and the other One Nation MPs demanded the meeting after a furious backlash among Conservative backbenchers against a briefing from an unnamed No 10 source which suggested the Tories would have to pivot to a no-deal position to outflank Farage.

“To marginalise the Brexit party, we will have to fight the election on the basis of ‘no more delays, get Brexit done immediately’.”

Johnson told the MPs to “listen to me, not the briefings”, which is the same line he used to Nicky Morgan, the culture secretary, when she raised the issue of the anonymous source messages in cabinet on Tuesday. The briefing in question is widely believed to have come from Johnson’s senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, who is driving his Brexit policy.

Johnson’s chief whip, Mark Spencer, and his parliamentary private secretary, James Heappey, have received a series of complaints in the past 24 hours from backbench MPs who say they cannot stand on a no-deal platform, after a Downing Street memo was sent out.

Expectations that up to 50 Tories would choose not stand for their party at the next election in protest, could be an under-estimation, according to one source. They said the group of 80 One Nation Tories were all extremely worried about the government’s potential direction.

One backbencher said: “It’s pretty much the only conversation taking place on the backbenches at the moment and it’s going down very poorly.
“The whole One Nation group would struggle with it. I do not see that there’s a democratic mandate based on a 52-48 referendum result for a no-deal Brexit,,.
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