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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I did not refer to the subject they fight about this time. I referred to - was it 50? - politicians threatening to resign if they don't get their will (and what - I hope - they think is the will of the people who voted them in. Not sure they're bothered about those after getting the seat though).

They were elected to represent their group of people and to DO the job, not to run away when it's not easy. ROFL. In cases where they succumb, they're expected to pick it up from there and carry on/make the best of it.

In a country in which referenda are a seldom thing and when they take place are not even taken seriously, the mp's are all the people have.

So, nope, if "my" mp took to threatening of leaving in times of difficulties it would not bother me. I would wonder why I voted for such a plonker the first time.
They are not resigning, they are not threatening to leave, they have simply announced they will not stand in the next election as Tory party candidates if the party has no deal written into its manifesto. They are stating on a matter of principal that they cannot stand as a representative of a party that disagrees with them on such a fundamental matter. They are doing it at the next election so you will have the choice of whether to vote for a blinkered Brexit fanatic or someone more reasonable.

The ERG have really done a wonderful job of putting the blame for the current mess on remainers when in reality it is their own inflexibility and unwillingness to compromise or indeed support their own party that really lead to May's deal being rejected.
You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
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