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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I'm from the Midlands and yes it is full of brexiteers. Though they did not understand the consequences of what Brexit would actually mean. They like the rest of the population were taken on a ride by Johnson and Farage, and with the help of right wing elements it's turned into all out racism. Arguments in the street when someone speaks with a foreign accent it's not getting any better.
Point 1.A few weeks ago I took my lady into a cafe in Yorkshire, it was quite full so I told her to find a seat while I got the drinks, when I sat down she was in a conversation with a old lady, the lady said you'll be alright after Brexit your not black or Asian.
Point 2. I took her to the Black Country Museum. We went for a coffee, I needed the amenities so asked my lady to get the drinks. I came back no drinks, they've run out off coffee she said, though at the time two other ladies were ordering coffee. Then a miracle happened two coffees appeared.
My Lady is American so it was her accent they were against. Brexit was, (is) totally misunderstood by the masses.

Am also from the Midlands and now live in the North West. The above is purely anecdotal and reflects very little of the truth. I call BS. Also, your "lady"?

Also, if you're from the Midlands surely it should be "we" not "they"?

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