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Re: betreibungsregisterauszug with rechtsvorschlag entry

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Good history with the current landlord is important. If your reasons for wanting to move have nothing to do with the existing landlord / tenant relationship this will help.

The debt registry could be an issue though. Best to be upfront about it. Rental properties which may not be in demand may still have owners who prefer leaving a place empty rather than worrying about aggro with a tenant.

Hope things work out for you.
Indeed, the debt has nothing to do with the landlord.. Frankly, the figure is so high I get weird looks from the registry office already... I have also raised a debit report with the other party as well since this is a two way street of course...

So I think if they speak with the current landlord all should be fine as they said they would be happy to speak with them.

I was also upfront about the debt, mentioning that they can speak with my lawyer, etc...

While I like the idea of the debt office, the process needs some further improvement in my opinion. I myself are owed two months rent from some property I had in Canada and its basically impossible to collect.
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