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Re: Reason leaving CH

'My dad received these and dutifully returned them fully loaded every time they were sent out. Died of undetected bowel cancer.

GP said they're useless.'

My sister in law was picked up via the screening system in Scotland and had a tumour the size of a small plum removed from her colon, thankfully no spread. She had none of the signs like bleeding, only thing she had noticed for a bit was she was waking up in the night feeling a bit bloated which she put down to being menopausal.

When I was referred to the hospital for a breast lump 13 years ago, the lead Consultant I saw took 23 tissue samples and every one came back clear, detecting a fibroid. Went in to have it removed and bingo, he found a 33mm tumour hidden underneath it.

So firstly I was told I definitely didn't have cancer and then I suddenly had to face the fact I had a very aggressive form of the disease. Life is a game of chance and you have to play as best as you can with the cards you are dealt as my late dad used to say.
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