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Re: Sourdough starter not starting?

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Any sourdough bakers here?

I'm struggling to get a sourdough starter going in Zurich and I'm not sure why. I have made a lot of starters and sourdough in other countries so I'm pretty confident in the process (I'm using 1:1:1 ratio when feeding — 1 part starter, 1 part water, 1 part flour) but even after 10 days or so after beginning, feeding twice a day for the past 4 or 5 days, the starter is still only mildly bubbly. I tried to bake with it but it had nowhere close to the necessary lifting power.

I primarily fed it with Terrasuisse white flour ( but switched to the "half white" ( a few days back to try getting some additional germ etc in there. My kitchen is around 20C, which is a temperature that has worked fine in the past.

Is there anything particular about Swiss flour? Preservatives? Something else? The flour is the only component that is significantly different to previous tries (unless there's something weird about the water, but that seems unlikely) so that seems one place to start troubleshooting.
I made a “dinkel” or spelt starter when we were in Switzerland but I only fed it once per day, do you think that it needs a bit more time between feeds?

It had problems when we moved to France so I started over. The only other thing is, that I always, always use bottled mineral or filtered tap water.
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