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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The Tory gov position on the IRA was a complicated one. There were long running secret talks between the two with the aim of ending hostilities. You could argue that the likes of Corbyn and his grandstanding repeatedly exasperated those talks. Let's just say...I'm minding my language and biting my tongue a hell of a lot in this post. When he's right (in the House), I'll say he's right. Other than that, you'll probably never get a good word about him out of me.

The majority of Labour MPs are good, decent people and I'll happily listen to them all day, just not him. As for NI, a lot of the move towards peace came from incredibly brave people such as Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan and their Women for Peace movement. Those people, along with Mo Mowlam, are heroes, not the likes of Corbyn.
That Tory government position on Terrorism was an interesting one indeed. They were the ones who branded Nelson Mandela a terrorist, right?
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