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Further update. Please believe me - do not wish to gloat but today in the post arrived the bowel screening kit which will be returned in pre-paid envelope.
Just wondering how much this would cost in CH? No charge for 'flu jabs, ditto for pneumonia injections [and presumably the shingles jabs deferred to January] and no charge for above screening. My estimation would be some CH300.--+ but no doubt someone more knowledgeable will confirm this?
So far the NHS has proved to be unbelievably good. Bravo to them.
BTW, the weather is atrocious!!!!!
So glad it is all working out for you so far. Most Cantons offer the colorectal test for the target age-group, with 90% of cost covered by basic insurance. Mamograms are free.

Of course, very different for you as you lived in France, and not CH.

Many are basing cost of retirement on their current costs in places like Zurich or Geneva regions- and are perhaps not aware that there are parts of Switzerland where costs are massively lower- especially in border regions where you can also benefit from shopping in France or Germany. Depends on your income and fortune, and tax- but if on relatively low pensions and therefore 'lower' income - then it changes the picture. We have several Brits who moved to the area fairly recently due to very low rentals and property purchase value.

Reminder too, that as CH has signed reciprocal agreements with UK recently- UK pensioners here, providing they do NOT have Swiss income or pensions- can still benefit from health cover via form S1- paying a maximum of 1000.- per year (300 franchise, + 10% up to 700)- with basic insurance cover that covers everything, even parts of private medicine.
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