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Re: It's almost Christmas!

For the longest time, I hated Christmas. Bad karma - my mom was dying all through the holiday one year, and 20 years later I was preparing for my own surgery.

So bah freakin humbug, ya know?

Somewhere in the last 9 years though, I decided I liked the holiday. The semester is over for the husband around the 3rd week of December and heís mostly free till mid February. We donít have a lot of family, but itís a chance to see friends and have some quiet, restful time.

I have a fake Christmas tree with fiber optic lights - psychedelic, wacko stuff and last year I bought a funky menorah to celebrate both parts of my heritage, sort of. Weíll make latkes, Buche de Noel and whatever, and just be glad for our time together with our pup.

No presents, usually one gadgety thing for the house.

But yeah, youíll notice my holiday is completely secular. Full of funky lights and good food.
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