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Re: It's almost Christmas!

Well I'll take your word for it - but in my 39 years in the UK, in many locations- I don't know of a single family with real candles on their tree in UK. And all friends, neighbours and colleagues were aghast at the idea... Which is why the girls felt it was so so special.

We opened main presents when tree was lit on 24th- but always kept some for stockings on 25th morning- and mince pies and whisky for FC, of course.
Sherry for santa. Main presents Christmas day. Apple and orange in the bottom of the pillow case present sack.

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Iím completely flabbergasted by this. It really wasnít unusual at all.

I just asked OH and he said they had candles on their tree when ne was young and his grandparents had them right up until they died in the nineteen eighties.

My grandmother did too, and my father's aunts and uncles, certainly until the early 80s. My other grandmother stopped in the mid 70s when she got a high-maintenance toy poodle called Penny who had a bit of a Christmas tree/candle deathwish.
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