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Re: Interior Architect

I know this email is more than one year old, but I am curious if you managed to find the an architect or any other expert/helper? If you did, I would appreciate if you can share with me either the name, or how you did it.
We are in the similar situation, looking for some renovation of a second house in the mountains in Villars area. Nothing very serious, but we do want to upgrade one bathroom, etc. So far we talked to a couple of local renovation companies, they were extremely happy to "help" and suggested to almost complete rebuilding of everything -- moving walls, drilling floors, etc. They also said that all the local artisanal workers are cooperating... My translation was " we will rip you off as much as possible, especially as you are obviously a foreigner, and do not hope to avoid it by shopping around"...

We are still looking for someone, and are thinking what to do.
One of the options that we are considering is to use Hornbach -- buy the bathroom there and pay for the installation. It is overpriced, but less than "artisanal' renovation . Anyone has experience using Hornbach's workers? Especially for wooden log house?Any recommendations?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Does the concept exist here of an interior architect? I know that in France they can do a lot of interior re-modelling design work, but are limited with anything structurally significant, but I don't know if it's the same in CH.

We're needing to move walls, install stairs, new bathrooms and other reshaping work, and are struggling to envisage everything, particularly due to the lack of proper scale drawings, so these would be our starting point, hence it requires someone trained and preferably qualified in that area, and who may be better able to imagine new spaces in that context.

Any recommendations would be welcome, but not expected, given our location and assumption that more local people would have more experience of chalet construction in the area.
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