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Re: Postfinance done with free accounts

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I was checking the monthly credit card statement from Postfinance and I noted the following statement:

"From 1 January 2020, this fee (1.20%) will also apply to international transactions in Swiss francs".

I get that when you pay on a foreign currency there are some conversions costs. But when you pay in CHF as well? Seriously?

Any credit card alternative? I have Revolut but there are certain occasions where you cannot use it (rental cars, etc.)...


Of course you can use Revolut for rental cars but as it is a debit card, you need to have enough "credit" on your debit card to allow for deposits of GBP 1500.-- at a time

You can also use a credit card for the deposit as the amount is not debited as such, just reserved on the credit card in case it is needed. If it is not needed, you get it returned 7-10 days later
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