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Re: What happened to all the thread subscriptions?

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What thread subscriptions.
When you contribute to a thread, you are subsequently subscribed to that thread. This means that when you go to your control panel you can see all the threads to which you have bestowed your wit and wisdom over the years.

Yesterday, all my subscriptions were automatically removed, along with those of several other people to whom I spoke. It doesn't matter in itself but could be a sign of a problem in the inner workings of the forum, so I thought I'd better mention it.

If I want to torture myself on how unpopular I am on this site, now I just go to my profile and see it black and white. No sugar coating on my actual contributions.

You gotta burst that bubble sometime I suppose. Can‘t think of a better critter than a goat
I'm not sure how any of this relates to the matter of disappearing subscriptions, but it's nice to read that you like goats.
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