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Tax question

Hi all

A tax question.

This is my case:
- I am a European union passport holder
-I am holding in swissquote 3 ETFs domiciled in the US
-I am not a resident of Switzerland at the moment, although I was at the time of opening the trading account and making the investments
-As of now, the investments are positive (ie, they are worth more than what I bought them for)
-My goal is to close my account in swissquote and have the same holdings in my broker back in my home country, in europe. my broker can have the same ETFs.

With the info above, a couple of questions:
- If I sell them now , what will I be taxed by swissquote for the capital gain income? or rather, would swissquote not tax anything but rather the US government
- if I try to transfer them to my broker in my home country, apart from the potential fees from SwissQuote or my home broker, would there be any tax component or not really because of not making any sale of my holdings?

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