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Re: Potential move to Zurich for Work

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I am potentially moving to Zurich for several months to work on a contract, paying a day rate.
I am a British citizen having lived here majority of my life and own a property here as well. (with wife and child)
I plan to commute to Zurich once a week, then back home.

My prospective employee mentioned they would set up the necessary permits etc an that my tax liability will be circa 28% of my gross monthly salary.

I wonder if someone could advise perhaps whether this tax rate is correct, does anyone have an idea of accommodation / living costs / plane fares to London?

I reckon I should get between CHF12-14K per month gross. Would need to send home 5K at least, so would the remainder be enough to live off? (not expecting super-comfortable living, anything basic is fine by me!
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