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Re: Cost of Mammogram etc

It is better organized in the Romandie, of course. However, given that breast cancer occurs at ages younger than 40 in some women and is particularly aggressive in younger women, the best response is to engage your gyn.

It's difficult for men here (about 4% of all breast cancers in the US), as the infrastructure is poor if you're not female, but there are breast surgeons, oncologists, etc to consult.

There are varieties of breast cancer which do not show up on a mammogram, but more as an irregularity of the breast skin, nipple discharge, etc., so that's why it's important to talk to your gyn at any age. Of course, people still do not believe that breast cancer is possible in young women, but it is. If you feel your gyn is blowing you off, then get another opinion.

I was lucky, was diagnosed in my 50's with garden variety invasive ductal carcinoma, had chemo and rads and after almost 9 years, am still no evidence of disease. Not cancer free, because the shit can come back at any time - even 20 years after initial diagnosis. Just another bit of life's suckage.

My mammogram costs about 200 chf and my ultrasound, physical exam from my gyn is another 200 or so.
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