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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

I have to write this again as Ace1 did his usual nuclear style moderating, so...

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I'm specifically differentiating between demonising and criticising. The former is a bad thing to do, the former is good. Chuff is well into the demonising camp, and admits it.
Your wholly subjective understanding and apparent confusion with regards to the word 'demonising' means nothing to this thread apart from in your own mind. I am judging the guy harshly for actively campaigning against abortion and homosexuality using the considerable resources and influence at his disposal. End of story.

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Categorising someone who holds ONE specific view, no matter how abhorrent you personally find it, as an evil abbreviation, is demonisation. It is not criticism.
One specific view? Unless my maths is failing me, anti-abortion + anti-gay = TWO specific views. Being Christian, especially in these apparently modern and enlightened times, does not automatically make you either or both ant-abortion or anti-gay. They are two very different things.

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I make no moral judgements on anyone, as I believe were all evil abbreviations, and nothing I've experienced in the last 50 years has convinced me otherwise. But I'll criticise your ill-thought out moronic belief systems as vigourously as the next man. Woman. Thing. What I find most sad about these terribly woke people is their utter lack of humour or tolerance.
I hope you realise how utterly and ludicrously irrational this is. No-one in the world can be morally judged because we are all... erm... evil abbreviations? This basically sounds like crazy talk and has no basis in logic.