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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

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Sorry, I don't understand the reference.
Just google "Little Britain"

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But why would anyone know that anyone is gay? Well, the same way anyone could know that anyone is straight. For example through everyday conversations over tea at church socials: are you married, do you live alone, do you have children, what did you do over the weekend, would you like me to introduce you to my sister? And then, from time to time: wasn't that a blessed, powerful sermon against the sin of homosexuality, brother?
But this is Switzerland, not Kabul.

You are saying that any single childless person living alone who isn't interested in the local gossip's daughter is fair game to be called out as gay.

Why didn't he just shut the nosy-parkers down? He could just fudge a neutral answer or come up with some fairy-tale that he's serving the church and is therefore celibate. Church-goers seem to fall for a fairy-tale by their very nature so any old blarney would do it.

But seriously, why would it even come up in conversation? The vicar's wife might have a nightly rogering from the vicar but she's not likely to stand up in church on Sunday and shout about it, is she?

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and some people have more or less of a gaydar.
And most people are massively off with it, too.

If the church is THAT narrow-minded and bigoted why is "your friend" so anxious to be a part of it? If it were me, it would put me right off and I'd probably join a gym or an art class or something else instead where people aren't likely to be utter dickheads.
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