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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

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I wish I could say the same about you. Unfortunately, your calls for tolerating the intolerable are deeply disturbing.

you can't see the hypocrisy in persecuting someone for his perfectly (at this time) legal views, following his perfectly legal (if totally misguided) religion all under the banner of liberalism and tolerance, tolerance isn't a one way street I'm afraid, you have to tolerate things and people you don't agree with not shout them down and use the godwin card or the you're a middle class white male what would you know card, how can you ever hope to change people opinions if you condescend and refuse point blank to engage with them?And you can’t see how utterly ridiculous you look when employing a word like PERSECUTION in this context. It’s profusely offensive to actual victims of persecution. Boycotting a brand is also legal, since you're so attached to that aspect, and boycotting isn’t persecution, except in the minds of a few buffoons trying to convince minorities they should tolerate those who would objectively persecute them and strip them of their human rights.

again with the insults!!

I thought I'd made it clear, I don't give a toss about region, I don't give a toss about this guys religion, as someone who doesn't give a toss about religion his seems to preach exactly the same as the other main religions on the planet, yet you and everyone else calling for a boycott are giving them a free pass.

are his views unacceptable to me - yes, but then most people hold views I don't like, ultra liberals (like you appear to be) imho do far more harm then good, thats just my opinion, you don't seem to like my opinion and have started personally insulting me, you have no idea of my background and have made some wildly inaccurate assumptions.

As soon as this guy does something illegal or treats his staff like crap I'll be right on that bandwagon, as it stands he seems like an ok guy with some medieval opinions, personally I respect people who air their views a whole lot more then those who prefer to (try to) hide they are a raging racist (for instance) at least you know where you stand and can engage with them.

The ONLY reason its been blown up in the press is his donations to a political party