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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Not when the day after this, they also refused to have the Daily Mirror journo included in the press pack on their campaign bus. It's exactly the same as Trump excluding CNN from WH press briefings. This is causing a growing sense of unease. The C4 interview last night is also causing consternation, particularly after Johnson recently dragged C4 abroad for an interview whcih he cancelled at the last moment. Tory ministers claiming C4 News has a left wing agenda is an issue.
Channel 4 news does have left wing agenda though. Jon Snow was chanting “f*** the Tories” two years ago at Glastonbury. Channel 4 news’ boss has branded Boris Johnson a “known liar” and a “coward”.

Peter Sissons died recently. He should be sorely missed because he simply read the news. No broadcaster seems to be capable these days of not ramming their own personal agenda as fact down viewers throats.

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I believe that traditional Tories won't like deceit being employed on a scale that we have seen from the Trump administration handbook, and largely because they can see in real time, exactly where that is ending up. I also believe that the leading Tories are going out of their way to appeal to voters who are a very long way from traditional Conservative values. That will inevitably change the tone of the party as a whole and the Tories I know won't take kindly to that. Mind you, they'd also rarely go north of the M4.
A look at any map of the results of the last election would prove that last point to be nonsense. You also don’t appear to appreciate the realignment that has taken place to the English speaking world’s political compass in recent years. Taking aside that Leave/Remain will likely be the key issues which determines who people vote for in the coming election, there has also been a shift parties that best represents people’s values.

In short, wealthy people are more progressive and working people are now more conservative. This is why the Tories are able to go after voters who traditionally would never have voted for them. Whilst Labour have become a grab bag of the very wealthy, the green left, Marxists, antisemites and the welfare classes, the Tories appeal to those who cherish traditional values, the family unit and those that want to have money put into their pockets rather than have it taken out.
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