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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

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Not necessarily. The story of the Garden of Eden in the Torah, says that the concepts became apprehended by the human race, when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (hence its name). Before then, they didn't have to concepts. Some people (possibly C.S. Lewis, but I could be wrong) have argued that the fact that the concepts exist is evidence for the existence of a "good God".

For me, the question is whether we are fundamentally good people who sometimes do evil things or fundamentally evil people who sometimes do good things. I find the latter more credible than the former. But most people, including Christians, consider themselves to be good people fundamentally. I think they're deluded.
Yes, but we don't use fairytales to base any sensible discussion off, do we?

Why do you assume those are the only two options - how about a third way where we are neither good nor evil and only show ourselves to lean towards one or the other by how we conduct our lives?

I think most Christians would disagree with your take, indeed the concept of original sin is the exact opposite of what you are postulating.