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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

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I respectfully disagree, on the basis of "no true Scotsman", i.e. "No true Christian would be less than nice; if someone claiming to be Christian does some less than nice, then they're no true Christian". Common informal fallacy, and a great shield to hypocrisy and double-standards. Please try to follow my reasoning:

I think most religions today are marred by the heritage of dogmas written hundreds of years ago. Any TRUE religious person today would be incapable of fitting in any society, perhaps outside of the Taliban, or ISIS. Therefore, in a civilized society, nobody is really, truly religious. It's a comtemporary interpretation of the religion, as each individual sees fit.
See my post earlier. To my mind, anyone who says they are a Christian can be one, irrelevant of how much of the bible they want to cherry pick.

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That's a myth. They're just normal people and you have all sorts.
Most normal people are nice. Society would break down were that not the case.
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