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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Define so many? And have you met all of them or what are you basing your allegations on?
Clearly not true from where I stand, if you follow what's going on there, in the press, within parties etc.

I always liked when people bring in their anecdotes as a final argument and show that sort of outrage - how comes you do not think like me? How? How? I'm the holder of the supreme truth, I've talked to my neighbours and they confirmed I'm right. Here.

Also, I agree with those who questioned your intentions and your identity because it does matter in this case, internet is not a free pass to unchecked political agendas you know, and also because you tend to be rather aggressive when confronted. You expected an easy way here, surprise surprise......How internet is changing, no? Perhaps people are less naive than say 3 years ago? Ha!

Also, I would question any post(er) constantly thanked by a few people here, just so you know.
You know there was some rather interesting research carried out by the think tank Policy Exchange in recent weeks. It was basically looking into censorship in UK Universities where the likes of Germaine Greer and Jordan Peterson have been no-platformed in the last few years (I’ll post a link below).

There was one question in the study relating to Brexit asking how comfortable students would be airing their views in the classroom. For pro-Brexit students only 39% said they’d feel comfortable. Contrast this to the 89% of pro-remain students who said that they wouldn’t have a problem expressing their views.

I believe you could probably take these figures and extrapolate them elsewhere (i.e. this forum). You say that I get aggressive when confronted, which is of course preposterous when one looks at how mild mannered I’ve been considering the accusations that have been levelled against me. On the other hand one feels a deep burning sense of righteous indignation from a majority on here that anyone dare challenge their views. Perhaps you’ve been a member too long to notice.
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