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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Had you just conceded just one of my arguments to be correct then I may have carried on, however you’re unable to see [I]any[I] benefits of leaving the EU, even when they’re placed before your very eyes. I expect you’re either still in denial about the result or an EU fanatic. It’s no use debating with a fanatic. Good day, sir.
You joined the forum, started a couple of puff threads about tickets and citizenship, then gravitated to the thread which seems to be your real reason for being here, and have been browbeating everyone with your unwavering stance so I think if you are dishing out the ‘fanatic’ label you should perhaps look in the mirror first.

Why are you so obsessed with it? Certainly makes many people question your motives, especially with the fastidious attitude to keeping your own situation secret. Most people post up an intro thread when they join. The exceptions being trolls, dupes and those building their 10 fluff posts on the way to flog their Ikea crap, so you have to forgive people for wondering.
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