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Yes, you bleated on about this before over net sizes where EU rules forced UK fishermen to use larger net mesh. Perhaps you had better contemplate the reason behind this and the connection to the near collapse of UK stocks of many fish species.
This is slander! I have said no such thing!

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Switzerland, what Baboon said.

Australia? Their largest trading partner is China. They donít trade so much with the EU.

Canada? Their largest trading partner is the US but they desperately want to change this. Which is why they have signed a very liberal trade agreement with the EU. Quite a bit more liberal than their USCAM agreement with the US and Mexico. They have given up all protections for their dairy and other industries to get closer to the EU
Youíve rather made my point for me. Australia can choose to trade with China. Canada can choose to realign their trading policy to move away from being so reliant on the US.

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You have said nothing that hasn't been debunked many times in this thread. You've brought nothing new to that table. If you had raised a benefit that would have a direct impact upon you, then you would have an audience, but as it stands, the majority here can see the detrimental effects that leaving will have on their day to day lives and future.

Brexit isn't a concept or a theory to be debated here without evidence because to us, it's been an unwelcome part of our lives for almost 4yrs, with many people having very real and personal reasons for wishing the damned thing had never been raised, let alone voted upon.
How is Brexit going to impact you directly? It wonít have much of an impact on me personally either way as I live between Switzerland and the UK and have Swiss residency. Perhaps Iíll have longer to queue on arrivals at the airport, but likewise perhaps clothing and food will be even cheaper when Iím in the UK.

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