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Re: Pomerian Dog

Catherinesarah, if you are new to Swiss 'dogdom', this thread might be of help to you:

Generally speaking, the process of getting a dog from a breeder can be a bit more involved here than you might have experienced in other countries. While that thread is old, the general expectations remain the same.

One difference is that the SKN classes mentioned in the thread have been abolished, so you do not need that step anymore.

But most breeders will expect you to establish a relationship with them, to go through an assessment to determine if you are the right family for the particular pup you are interested in. Some, perhaps most, breeders have waiting lists - so a breeder who does not have pups at the moment will still be interested in getting to know you now, well ahead of any planned litter. It might take time - months, maybe a year or more, to find a pup.

FYI, most reputable breeders are members of an FCI/SKG affiliated club. The official breed club, linked by Curley above, is a good place to start. If you wish to look further afield, the FCI organization in Germany is the VDH.


Do be aware that the Dark Side is very active in Switzerland. Puppy mills/battery producers, back yard breeders, dog dealers, illegal smugglers abound here. And they are all over t'internet. Their online presence is often clever, you might not be aware of what is going on behind the pictures of cute puppies and tug-at-your-heart marketing. Please, do your due diligence on any breeder you might conside. Do not contribute to the misery these evil bar stewards wreak among our canine friends.


Wishing you and your future four footed friend all the best.


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(the miniature size type)
Just a comment here. Perhaps I am reading too much into this phrase, but I want to discourage you from looking for the so-called 'teacup' fashion, where dogs, poms/Zwergspitz included, have been miniaturized beyond what is healthy. Some of these dogs have been bred so small that their bones are brittle and break at the least stress.

FYI, most ethical breeders are working against these fashion-driven trends. A good breeder puts health and temperament first and foremost in all breeding decisions.

As should all dog owners.

So if I am reading more into your phrasing than you meant, please ignore my comment. But as Qualzucht is such an issue these days I try to raise consciousness around this issue when the subject comes up.

Again, all the best to you and your soon-to-be pup.

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