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Re: Proposed wages for Live-in Housekeeper, Lucerne

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Dear All

I am a very experienced Housekeeper with 20+ years of references.

I have been offered a position in Weggis, Lucerne with a net wage after all deductions, of Fr 1950.

It is a live-in position, 42 hours per week.

Is this a good wage for the work I would be doing, the area and the experience I have?

Would really welcome your thoughts and advice?

Warmest wishes Margaret

Hi Margaret... I'm going to say no.Not at all. But I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me will come around soon.

Remember mandatory Swiss health insurance is around 350 per month for a start. Everything is very expensive. Would your employers be paying that too? And accident insurance etc?

What salary would you expect in the UK for a similar position? (Don't have to answer) and factor up.

Give the search function a go to see what wages threads come up.

Good luck.
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