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Vacation does not count, only residency does, so unless he de-registered for the three months of his vacation, he was resident the full 14 months.

Thank you. Very helpful!!

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A better lawyer or one that gives you the opinion you want to hear? There are many questions that a lawyer canít answer because it depends on the decision of a judge in a certain set of circumstances, that does not make them a bad lawyer. They are not mind readers. Listen to reasons why he canít give you an answer and try to understand the complexity.

People are entitled to take holidays, but if your partnerís overall behavior is acceptable is something that a court will have to decide, the lawyer canít give you an answer on something like that.

Let me give you a kind of similar example, Irish law requires a person to be resident in the country for the final 12 months before they are granted citizenship. Now if you asked any lawyer in country up to a few weeks ago, if it was OK to go on holidays youíd be told of course, no problem. Well it turns out they were all wrong! A court recently ruled you cannot take holidays abroad. A lawyer can never be sure of the outcome of something that goes to court.
I guess for me a good lawyer will have more experience with couples of different countries. The lawyer I got doesnít have that experience. Thank you!

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If I understand you correctly, you were both always working and only recently your husband stopped working?

He is also not the primary carer or "stay at home" parent really, just currently unemployed?

I believe in this situation who will stay in main home and get alimony is not straight forward as he can be expected to continue working.

Typically the situation where alimony is almost an automatism is if one partner stopped working and cared for the children and supported the other career.

Not a lawyer though and sorry cannot help on the jurisdiction front but good luck, these situations are hard.
Thank you!!!

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