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Re: How to get a L Job Seeker Permit after completing PhD

Now I can share my story how it actually worked out for me with the timeline. Hopefully, it will be useful as there is not much information about how to find jobs and switch to a normal job permit for non-EU people.

General info:
Getting a non-EU permit is not easy, but if you study in Switzerland and your job is of high economic or scientific value (whatever it means, the description is pretty vague), you can apply for a 6-month job seeker permit. As I was very much concerned that I won't be able to find a job, I started really early (8 month before the graduation), and it paid off. What was not clear to me is whether already having found a job, I had to apply first for the job seeker permit and then for the work permit. Apparently not, here is how it was.

The regulation (see p. 5.1.2, I actually even attached it to my job applications):

June 2015 - arrived to start my PhD in Zurich (UZH, Informatics), got B permit (Ausbildung mit Erwerbstätigkeit). During this time I was always employed by the university with contracts that were renewed yearly.
February 2019 - started to search jobs, as it became clear that I was going to graduate this year, the contract from the university is until 31 Dec 2019, the current B permit (for PhD) is also valid until 31 Dec 2019.
16 May 2019 - got an offer from an IT company in Zurich for an IT consultant position, open-ended contract. Note: the company didn't have any experience in hiring non-eu and applying for permits before.
25 May 2019 - accepted the offer
18 June 2019 - the company applied for the permit, so that I can switch from B that I had for my PhD
28 June 2019 - the application was rejected, I don't know the details but the message was that they have to apply again when they have a confirmation that I graduated
1 August 2019 - submitted my dissertation (for the review)
22 October 2019 - successfully defended my PhD dissertation
23 October 2019 - send a confirmation letter that I defended to the company. Note: the confirmation letter from the university is enough, I will get the certificate in February 2020
24 October 2019 - the company submitted the application again, which now contained the confirmation letter. Additionally, even though they didn't go through the standard non-eu hiring process, they attached a letter explaining why they want to hire me and how they searched before. They were prepared with all the documents to be submitted and waited for the confirmation letter, so it was that quick.
14 November 2019 - the application was finally approved, and the company got approval letters from AWA, SEM, and Migrationsamt
27 November 2019 - I went to my Gemeinde with the regular renewal form (which I got btw at the beginning of Oct 2019, as usual). I waited until there is news from the application because I didn't really know whether I should apply for job seeker permit OR the university OR the new company should stamp & sign the form. In the end, it was the company who stamped & signed it, when we got the confirmation about the approval. Before that I contacted Arbeitsamt, Migrationsamt and my Gemeinde, but somehow nobody could give me a clear answer.
4 December 2019 - got a B permit (mit Erwerbstätigkeit)
1 January 2020 - going to start with a new job
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