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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think there is a difference between far right groups like tommy robinsons lot (who wont be tory supporters anyway they are national front / britain first supporters) and the general left leaning gang who find it funny to throw milk shakes over people while shouting "scum" at them.

If you can find some examples of conservative voters screaming "corbyn scum" at Jeremy corbyn, or John Macdonald, or the rest of them, would be great so I can be confident its not just a one sided affair.
Don't know if he's a Tory but as we seem to be apportioning Brexiters as Tories and Remainers as Lefties...

Brexit supporter who assaulted Jeremy Corbyn jailed for 28 days

A Brexit supporter who attacked Jeremy Corbyn with an egg during a mosque visit while yelling “respect the vote” has admitted an assault charge and been sentenced to 28 days’ imprisonment.

John Murphy, hit the Labour leader in the head with the egg during the visit to Finsbury Park mosque and Muslim Welfare House in his north London constituency as part of the annual Visit My Mosque Day initiative.
Not sure why it's relevant nor why (once again) it's down to someone with an opposing point of view having to find sources to support someone else's views but, hey.

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I don't vote for anyone, would probably have voted for Tony Blair on his second term had I been in the U.K. Ever heard of floating voters? Tommy Robinson was never a Conservative so hardly a good example.
Mikers brought up the subject of "hard left" and "hard right" so my post was really directed at him rather than you and your "reminiscing about Tony Blair" / "I can't vote" response. Tommy Robinson is a hard right example so was therefore relevant. Just sayin'

Read the preceding posts before going off on a tangent.
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