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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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No, its not the same or a good example, that person is a nutter for brexit, he'd chuck eggs at the libdem's just as much I expect. probably boris johnson as well. he might go for milk shakes if its nigel farage. and his argument isnt about tory or labour, its about brexit.

The point being made, which isnt argumentative, isnt being "brought up" by me, was just showing that a survey has shown that labour supporters view people who dont match their views negatively, which you can see from endless examples of conservative politicians being shouted at by labour supporters who scream abuse at them. no brexit, no remain or leave, they do it just beacuse they hate them and they can. they do it over the NHS, over austerity, over welfare cuts, over thatchers death, anything they can find.

You don't find conservative supporters hurling the same level of vitriol at labour politicians or not that I have seen. Of course - it could be happening as has been said, but no one sees it. these crowds of tory blue's charging around braying at Laura Hitchcock or Dianne Abbot, with full riot squad police struggling to control them. but I havent seen it. Has anyone else ? do pipe up if you have.

Of course do not lose site that I dont like the tories. As I posted earlier, right now i dont like the tories, labour, libdems or any of them and want a proper centre ground party back. but that doesnt change the fact that labour are much more vocal in their abuse of conservative politicians.
It's highly subjective territory, to be fair. The whole Brexit/General Election thing is entwined and messy. To say that it's Labour supporters dishing out all the abuse is surprisingly naive. It's also being blown out of proportion in many cases, too. The bloke yesterday that apparently was "attacked by a Labour supporter" actually ran into the guy's finger if you look at the video. The truth now doesn't matter. The screaming tweets which were then picked up by the media already did the damage. So I guess a lot of it depends on how good you are at spinning stories and perhaps the Tories have the edge on that. A dubious accolade.
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