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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Exactly. Just a nutter who did something stupid. I am not aware of many Brexiteers supporting what he did.

Quite in contrast to that guy who threw a milkshake over Farage, whose video was shared and liked by millions.
A nutter who did something stupid?

This thread is an exercise in advanced face-palmery.

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Ok, so to shame me for my clear naivety, can you give me an example of some conservative supporters shouting abuse at labour politicians, just an example will help. I can show you any number of news clips of labour supporters surrounding conservative politicians and bawling abuse at them. There must be a bunch of the same kind of thing you can pick up in return ?
But why? What does it prove? Is there even a point to that any more? There was a survey posted by ToryClifton about people arguing over Brexit or having hurt feelings because they are Tory voters or whatever it was and now you are demanding footage of Labour supporters haranguing Tory politicians? Sorry, but the original point is so far derailed now.
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