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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Are you both the same person?

This is what Jess Phillips said about Jeremy Corbyn back in 2015:

Four years later, Momentum control the party (and even had a go at removing Jess Phillips), antisemitism is rife in the party, Jeremy Corbyn himself has an approval rating of 20%, and the Cult of Corbyn is very clearly over.

John Wookcock, Joan Ryan, Anne Coffey, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker, Chukka Umunna and Ian Austin have all looked at the Labour leadership and said, "No, this isn't OK anymore" and left. The likes of Jess Phillips and Jon Ashworth have done nothing, and in doing so are condoning what the Labour Party has become and actively endorsing it. This in spite of believing otherwise. Which is fine, but then they should own it, and be reminded of their inaction, especially when they claim to be anti-racist.
Nope, we are two independently minded women who may disagree about some things but when we agree... we agree.

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I am not insulting your intelligence in the same way im sure you weren't insulting me when you said I was going on about "god knows what".

I didn't, actually. I said I wasn't the one trying to prove gods know what. You clearly took that as an excuse. I assume what you're getting at is that Conservatives are more tolerant? Is that it?

A survey posted earlier today showed that labour supporters view negatively people who do not follow their political beliefs and this was not as prevalent in conservative voters. This simple fact was then of course challenged as being complete rubbish / not representative / unrealistic.

I have pointed out that the labour left if often seen screaming and shouting at conservative MP's using various insults. Conservative voters do not seem to do the same thing to labour voters.

Of couse, instead of accepting this observation this has been challenged again (such as by yourself saying this could be because the conservatives are in power) to which I have quite rightly pointed out labour have been in power for large lengths of time so the same such news reports should exist, tories screaming at labour MP's, during this window.

To me its all very logical, fair, uncomplicated and clear. If this is an equal activity, and it is not the case that labour lefties are a bunch of thugs, then we should be able to come up with some suitable examples of conservatives berating labour MP's.

up to now, apart from lots of topic changing, pretend confusion, obfuscating, attempts to close the topic because there have been several posts, no one has actually done that.

Therefore I stand by my point, which is very simple: the survey which presents itself as being accurate, is.
Asked and answered in three separate posts of mine. Further than that I have no interest in your point. I don't think the survey is at all representative and proves nothing. Although I understand you believe it does.

I find your language bias most interesting. Labour voters scream and shout and are thugs. Conservatives might only berate.
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