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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I use statistics yes, because they provide a better backdrop than the torrent of opinionated nonsense that constitutes news these days. Take that story on the front of the Mirror yesterday, terrible! What sort have country have we become with such relentless disinformation, on all sides I should add, in order to try and swing voters? I cannot remember a worse campaign.

I will be voting, with great reservation, for the Conservatives tomorrow. I have problems with Boris Johnson's trustworthiness, and I don't believe that he can deliver Brexit as he's promised. On the other side you shouldn't judge politicians on what they say they'll do, but on what they've done and Boris Johnson didn't do a bad job of running London. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand has spend his entire career being a useless, protesting bank bencher.

The main reason I'm voting for Boris Johnson though, is because there is only a choice of two, and Jeremy Corbyn is utterly unfit for office. Aside from the antisemitism and his personal flaws, just look at his policies, they will never work. As with any form of socialism, as soon as one half of the population believes they will be paid for by the other half, the other half soon stops working. This is why every socialist economy ever has failed.
So you are just voting as per your opinion, then? Same as literally everyone else. Nowt groundbreaking or special in that.
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