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Re: AHV (1st Pillar) cashout success story

Just to check the logic here, based on all the info above...

Assuming an Australian, with sole nationality, leaves after 10 years, to Australia, and they earned 100,000/yr

10.25% went into AHV/IV/EO (5.125% employer and 5.125% employee contributions) 0.1025*1,000,000=102,500

BUT when you try to withdraw, you get ONLY your EMPLOYEE component of your PENSION contribution back, which is 4.8% (as the rest of 5.125 is disability and other insurances). AND its capped at an assumed generous salary of around 84,000 Swissies and the rest is kept by the fund for solidarity.

So. 4.8% of of 10 years at 84,000 is actually 40,320 not 102,500?

So, two questions come come to mind, assuming above is correct:

1. Isnt it then better to leave it all in, and let the larger it mature to retirement? (purely on the basis of the whole contribution pot stays there, not just half the pot which you can withdraw?)

2. what happens to the employer component if the employee asks for a refund - does it get refunded to the employer, or stay in the fund and mature to retirement or something else?
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