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Re: Common German Words while Purchasing Property

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Oh my dear. That will be a though one if you are already struggling with 'Hypothek' which means 'mortgage'.
To be super-pedantic , it doesn't mean 'mortgage'. It means 'the amount of the home loan'.

A mortgage is eine 'Verpfändung'.

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A note about For best results you must sanitize the input. That means you first copy the text to be translated to Notepad (or another suitable basic text editor) and remove any line breaks, specially mid-sentence and mid-word (those with hyphens).
To be fair, that's the case with all machine translators. They can't tell that a line break is a formatting error and not the end of a sloppily punctuated sentence. That said, deepl is far and away the most impressive free machine translator I've come across (thanks to your recommendation some way back).
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