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Re: Anyone wanna be friends?

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No do you think I should go to bars alone? Just feels weird and last time I went out I got attacked and nearly died and stayed in hospital for a while lol I’m so lonely

The only thing I enjoy is drinking lol what do I do ������
It is still quite an achievement to get attacked in the streets of Switzerland.

I believe you might be more successful finding people to meet up for a drink or so on facebook than here?

Then do report back: Did you try all the tips you have been given here? And why did they not work out? Maybe you can get more tips on how to go about those groups and meet-up addresses better.

You will not attract people to chat with you when just sending out "I'm lonely". Don't get me wrong, it's okay for you to do that here. But in real life people will notice you if you show interest in what's going on around you. Nobody will just approach you at Barfüsslerplatz and pull you out of your down. (Except maybe Heilsarmee and the Jehovah's Witnesses but you don't want that )

In bored moments, think what would you do if you were home? Then go and do the next best thing here.
As to this forum: Take part in other threads which are not about you and you feeling down. Take part in other subjects, crack a joke every now and then. Develop interest, have an opinion, show us who you are!
Practice here, then go and show entire Basel.

The world is your oyster but you gotta go crack it. It will not hand you it's pearls just like that.

As to those who will no doubt come up with depression subjects and how to handle them.
If OP does suffer from medical depression they should go see a doctor now, it's been going on to long if that is the case.
It's all a matter or perspective.
So move your butt and look at it from the other side
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