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Re: Study visa got rejected

Okay, well, that's rather jumbly and a bit difficult to read. I had hoped that you would post it in the original language in which it was written.

But what I think it means is ...
  1. You have stated that you need to study in Switzerland because the quality of education here would be superior to what you could receive in Pakistan, and because it is prestigious to have studied in Switzerland.

  2. The Swiss immigration authorities are saying that they dismiss your reason because the studies you have already completed in Pakistan have already enabled you to work in the field of your training (i.e. you are not desperate for a course of study that cannot be had in Pakistan, or because what you've completed is not good enough in Pakistan, to get you employment).

  3. Therefore, the immigration authorities conclude that you don't "need" to study in Switzerland. (By contrast, some students are given permits to study here specifically because their own country does not have a university with that faculty.)

  4. In addition, they are counting it against you that the French authorities thought that you were applying for a study visa only as part of a general plan to trying to move away from Pakistan to come and settle permanently in Europe.

I would say that, against that, it would be very difficult to succeed in an appeal.
The kinds of reasons that could go towards a successful appeal might include your demonstrating such things as
  • that your field of studies is specialised and that the acknowledged centre of competence in that is here in Switzerland, although I think this argument would be more likely to be recognised for a doctorate or post-doc than for an undergraduate or a masters programme,
  • that something is significantly different in your circumstances and reasons from when you made that application in France
and probably much more importantly,
  • that your whole life it totally Pakistan-centred, and that being away to study will absolutely definitely be just a brief sojourn, and that you are completely committed to returning to Pakistan where you have responsibilities and duties and ongoing projects, and your family, and that you will be keeping up all that contact the entire time that you are away, and there is no chance at all that you will ever move away from Pakistan.
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