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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I agree with all of this except I agree with FMF's statement - I do believe MP's have tried to stop this because they genuinely thought it was the best thing for the country. If you look at dominic grieve he's an intelligent patriotic person and I completely get what he was trying to do. It's cameron that should be shot for setting it up, but the result is the result, im afraid you cannot - in a modern functioning democracy - try and reverse the result of a nationwide poll and expect to get away with it.
I don't think anyone (apart from the LibDems) was actively trying to stop Brexit. The voting in parliament has been mainly either to prevent a no deal which, ok, most people agree would be crap for the UK and I think here those MPs trying to prevent that are correct, or they've been objecting to the details of the deals put before them. But none of that is stopping Brexit, it's more damage limitation and attempting to increase the possibilities of negotiation to depart under the best conditions.
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