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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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If the ERG had wanted Brexit they could have voted for May's deal and - in the 29 March vote - it would have been done. How come you refuse to criticise the ERM for blocking their own government when their part in the story is probably the most significant?

Oh and remember, Johnson did EXACTLY what he later punished others for doing in voting against his own party and government.
Why should I mention the ERG when their objectives were entirely different to that of Remain MPs? Besides, if Remain MPs had backed Mrs May's withdrawal agreement then the actions of the ERG would have been rendered irrelevant.

As an aside, the ERG also took a gamble in rejecting Theresa May's withdrawal agreement however it paid off for them.

What Boris Johnson did was not exactly the same as what he punished others for. The difference is night and day. What Boris Johnson and many others did at that time was simply not give Theresa May's government the approval which is sought (for its withdrawal bill).

The likes of Dominic Grieve and Philip Hammond lost the whip for voting for the Benn Act. This was Bill tabled by an opposition MP where the sole purpose of it was to take the power to rule away from the government, and hand it to a group of Rebel MPs and the opposition. This disempowered the party which these MPs had been elected to represent. It also removed executive power and forced a sitting Prime Minister to accept any proposal made by the EU for an extension period to leaving the EU.

The Benn Act was a shameful act of Parliament, and it was correct that the 21 Conservative MPs who backed it lost the whip. It's also another example of the action of Remain MP's doing something that has now blown up in their faces. Convention now doesn't matter so Boris Johnson can limit further delay to the Brexit Bill beyond 2020 and this must now be respected because a simple Parliamentary majority will vote for it. Scrutiny matters not. Thanks Remainers!
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